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The morning after the night before

Bangla Rd

sunny 30 °C

Having overdone the Sun on the Friday, Saturday was spent doing very little, mostly sleeping after updating the blog. We had however agreed to head up to Bangla Rd in Patong for the evening to check out the 'lady boys'. We used a TukTuk to get there but TravellersPoint seems to want me to create a Vimeo account before I can upload the video.
Getting to Bangla Rd was itself interesting, we arrived in Patong and the driver seemed to know where he was going, however there were roadworks happening. How in Australia there would be diversions, flashing lights, warnings and the like. Not in Thailand, they just start digging up the road and keep going 24X7 until it's all done. If they have to a clay section will be fabricated around the section being worked on. The driver tried to get through but just could not so joined everyone else in turning around, only to be met by a huge bus that had grounded itself trying to drive down one of these mud sections - I'd hate to think what would have happened if it had been raining. The bus ended up having to unload all it's passengers before it could back up. With that there was a rush of all the trapped vehicles trying to get to where ever passing within 5cm of the bus. The drivers over here cetrainly know the width of their vehicles.

The street gets closed off at 18:00 and the partying begins, we arrived about 21:30 and the place was just starting to warm up. With it's reputation you gets all sorts there, both locals and tourists. There are people with (heavily) drugged animals wanting to charge you to pose with the monkey / lizard / other exotic animal. Most bars seem to be offering 'Ping Pong' - some kind of sex show, along with very reasonably priced drinks. The catch seems to be that you end up buying for your hostess, and receive a highly inflated bill.BanglaRd


Finally the lady boys came out, in all their finery, just like Priscilla.

Thai Lady Boy

Thai Lady Boy

Thailand is an amazing place, chaos that just seems to work, even the pharmacists get in on the selling of fake goods, here's one who also sells DrDre headphones.
Clearly there have been issues in the past but I got the feeling that the 'Tourist Police' were now as much part of the entertainment as the Lady Boys.
The whole time we were there this one was on the phone!

The cleaners want our room. More later.


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