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I'm starting to get messages about not updating the blog from those back home - this relaxing is hard work, updating the blog needs to be done in between exploring new areas of Kata, getting a tan, swimming, working out if I'm having the fish or fruit for lunch and having an entertaining time with the local traders negotiating rock bottom prices on rubbish I really don't need. Sometimes I win, sometimes they win. I have noticed that it's the women who are much harder to negotiate with. Well Friday, Camilla and I decided to head south for breakfast, all you can eat is great, but it's all bacon, sausages, omelette etc whilst I don't mind occasionally, day after day become a challenge, and Camilla would much rather Museli & Yogurt. We found a nice restaurant with great views over looking the sea. There were 2 wedding couples on the beach with their photographer guiding the poses these married couples were meant to take - talk about unnatural, but the ambiance would live with them forever. Breakfast ended up costing more than normal, the Latte costs as much as an omelette with 2 slices of toast and jam. In fact finding a decent coffee is a challenge in Thailand, it seems to be American filtered coffee. Today is a day for the beach and some swimming. At the moment the waves are strong, pulling you in all directions, and the sand under the waves does not form a gradual slope, it's very undulating. One step and you go from being knee high to waist deep, as the next wave crashes over your head. I took the GoPro and hope to upload some of the footage as part of the blog. It's a good workout and later that evening I can still feel the muscles recovering. All up we spent far too long in the sun, Camilla has been lucky and turned golden brown, as for me tomato coloured is the best description I can come up with. One thing we have noticed is that being low season the tail boats are not around, and the place has lost some of the festive atmosphere we experienced 18 months ago.
For lunch the boys tried the pizza from the Italian resturant, and gave them the thumbs up.
After our evening meal in the newly discovered southern area of the town, Millie and I headed up to the Black Canyon Coffee Club for some live entertainment, it's meant to be Elvis orientated, but we seemed to get a lot of Kenny Rodgers, still they are all foot tapping tunes that go will with a few cocktails. I did get a bit worried when one of the bar tenders asked if I wanted 'Sex on the beach' until I discovered that he meant a cocktail of the same name!

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