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Arrival in Kata


storm 28 °C

The flight from KL to Phuket was uneventful, it was very overcast and raining all the way so those with windows seats just saw the rain streaming across the windows and a backdrop of clouds, nothing to write home about. There were some squadies (soldiers) on board sitting just behind Camilla and myself, who stuck out on three counts a) their deportment and swagger, a bunch of cocky buggers b) their dress, all the back packs were of military style with their surnames written on them and c) their language when discussing their plans for hitting Phuket, their 'raping of the ATM', 'planned insertions', and 'phases of the operation'. I guess soldiers the world over are all the same!!
We landed and passed customs and immigration with no issues, the ATM was waiting and spat out the required cash. I always get worries that the first time I use it the card will get swallowed and we will be left financially stranded. On exiting the airport we were swarmed with the usual Taxi, Taxi, Taxi harassment. I asked one guy how much to which his reply was B1400, I laughed and suggested B750, his response was that that was last years price. Well it can't double in one year was my retort. Anyway the Taxi desk had the prices, B200 per person for a shared minibus, so we agreed (with another guy) B900 for a Taxi that would take us straight to the hotel, with no stops to confirm our accommodation along the way. He did have to stop once to 'sign in' but we were not given the hard sell. I also had the GPS on my phone fired up, and I'm sure he took the direct route.
We noticed much more building going on particularly around the airport, but somehow it just seemed so familiar, we passed places and commented time and again 'remember ....'. It was raining all the way to Kata and I mean raining, serious rain and it didn't stop until midday Thursday. Supper was had 2 doors down from Tomato restaurant (can't recall the name), Matt and I had steak, forgetting that the Thai's have no idea how to cook steak, unless you go to a restaurant that specialises in steak. The things we forget, stick to the Thai meals.


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