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I bashed in the entry last night really just to confirm that I still had access. 2 Years ago I did a blog of my trip to Europe, meeting Alex and her friend Olivia, which can be found here, so I thought I'd have a go at recording this trip to Phuket, Thailand - Ricco's @ Kata to be specific. We came here at the end of the girls trip at the start of 2012, all 11 of us and had a really good time. Millie has been suggesting for some time that we should have a break, and one evening came to me with a deal that could not be turned down. The flights back were half price and leaving a day earlier than planned meant we saved a further $125, a saving that paid for the accommodation, and over $1400 on the full price; well done Millie.
Last night was not quite frantic, but busy. The friends who came with us in 2012, are house sitting whilst we are away and they have their floors revarnished - works out well for everyone - but there was a heap of washing to get cleaned, house to be tidied and the like. Along with that, Matthew was involved in a Alcohol & Drug presentation at school. Millie washed and cleaned, & I wore the beer goggles and tried to negotiate a maze the students had constructed. I had no idea that being so drunk has that much effect, such a new experience (!!!). Then off to Sofia's (one of our local Italian joints) for a massive feed before we headed to the airport. Getting to and on the plane was uneventful, except Matt & I both purchased new phones and I was trying to claim the GST back - it appears that you have to take original receipts, my copies were not accepted. Still the claim is in the system and I can sent the originals in once we get back.
The flight was like every other long haul flight - they call them long haul for a reason, but it was through the night, which means we get to Thailand at 13:00. We could have taken a shorter (and much more expensive) flight, but it flys during the day and you arrive in Thailand in the evening, so we scored and extra half day doing it this way.
The chicken pie & coffee (breakfast) are both getting cold, so it's time to sign off. Hopefully an update later, and a photo or two of the accomodation.


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