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Never too old to try something new

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The boys had been on the Flow Rider a couple of time. It appears to be good value, only 800B (under $30) for an hour, until you realize that you are sharing with 8 others, although they do have 2 sections running at a time.
OK So it's time for the olds to have a go! This is one where I have to get the video working. All the young kids make it look so easy and graceful. Well my first attempt lasted under 5 seconds, Millie managed probably 20, but her balance is much better than mine. What's really interesting is just how quickly you improve. Sure at the end of the hour I was not exactly performing tricks, but I had at least let go of the safety rope and could gently traverse from side to side. The real challenge is to RELAX, something that we both found difficult, in fact several days later we were both stiff around the top of the shoulders and in the neck area. Although in my case it's possibly also related to cracking my head twice, both time quite hard. It's been over 20 years since I have been seriously winded.
This activity is something we would have done several time had we risen the to challenge earlier in the holiday. You can guess where we will be starting next time. It's fun, challenging, a great workout and immensely satisfying.

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