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A combination of being on holiday and having man flu meant that I did not achieve my goal of blogging each (or at least every other) day. In fact I failed miserably, but I wanted a record of the holiday, so having been back a week, and sorted some of the photo's (still working out the video side of things) it is time to retro fit the blog.
Travelling with just hand luggage was a dream. No waiting at carousels, just pick it up and keep walking.
Thailand (or at least Kata Beach) is a wonderful place to stay, we just love the relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of activities on the island, just as the local guides. The locals can tell when you are newly arrived, and will fleece you initially. As you get better at the game so reasonable prices become much more reasonable. Quality is suspect, somethings are really good. I still use the singlets at the gym that I purchased 18 months ago, other stuff, like the swimmers I purchased this time were destroyed and left behind.

Coming home is wonderful, especially when the there are a couple of very special people waiting for you.

Alex's removal of her wisdom teeth has gone well. She felt a bit based about initially, but better than she had expected. The review with the surgeon went well, he is pleased with the nature of the healing and the overall result. Alex's next challenge is the end of year exams, followed by her 2 month trip to Central America over Christmas and her 21st Brithday!!

Charlie is still aiming towards Goal 1 - a return to corp. He will need to complete his IET (Initial Employment Training) - just the last 3 weeks he believes, but early next year is the optimistic timeframe. In fact by the time he gets to his regiment he could well have already served 2 years of his 4 year term. Charlie being Charlie is hoping that this timeframe will be shorter.

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